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What is Compulsive Shopping?

Compulsive shopping or oniomania is a behavioral addiction in which people engage in excessive and expensive retail activity. It is an unhealthy obsession of buying items to the point where it’s already affecting the individual’s daily life. They feel the urge to purchase items to create a feeling of euphoria and avoid negative feelings.

This condition is psychological in nature and even extends beyond mere consumerism. Just like other behavioral addictions, this can cause adverse consequences to different areas of your life if left unmanaged. Some symptoms of compulsive shopping include anxiety when not shopping, a relentless desire to shop, and the buying of unnecessary or unwanted goods.

This kind of addiction triggers pleasure receptors in the brain, much like drugs. It produces a temporary high, masking the emotional pain and difficulty of life. People who struggle with this addiction usually spend more time and money on shopping than they can afford, and many of them end up in debt as a result of their excessive spending.

What Causes Compulsive Shopping

Shopping for immediate gratification has been dubbed as “retail therapy.” While purchasing may provide temporary relief, the majority of people experience remorse after the sale.

The common causes for compulsive shopping are psychological, which may include the following:

  • A way to deal with negative feeling such as disappointment, stress, anger, or fear
  • Emotional neglect when you were a child
  • Need to fill the emptiness and longing on the inside
  • Looking for thrills
  • Seeking approval
  • Perfectionism
  • Genuine impulsiveness and compulsiveness
  • The need to reclaim power

Reclaim Your Life

Compulsive shopping can be as terrible as other forms of addiction. To that end, we believe that awareness of the problem is the first step to healing. By acknowledging it and reaching out for help, you can take control of your life again. Contact Dr. Andrei Dokukin’s clinic to discuss your situation and we will be happy to customize an appropriate treatment for you.

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