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Dr. Andrei Dokukin, along with his team of medical professionals at Proprius Recovery, offer a comprehensive and person-centered approach to recovery. Our innovative treatment center is dedicated to removing as many daily challenges as possible in order to improve recovery outcomes.

We support patients every step of the way to alleviate and treat the symptoms and effects of their addiction. We strive to develop the best course of action to take for patients struggling with substance abuse, trauma, and behavioral addictions.

Whether you are looking for detoxification services, polypharmacy consultation, or skilled nursing facility consultation, we got you covered. Our facility is equipped with the right tools, staff, and resources you need to live a sober and peaceful life.

We offer the means to achieve and maintain total abstinence through skilled care. Patients are respected, their confidentiality is maintained, and compassion is extended to them during this difficult time.

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