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Home Detoxification

We at Proprius Recovery offer full scope of medical detoxification services at the comfort of your home.

After your needs were evaluated by Dr. Dokukin, we can set up a complete detox supervised by a physician and a registered nurse at your home. We will be able to free you from dependency on alcohol, opioids, and benzodiazepines.

This service is not appropriate for individuals with complicated medical issues that need to be addressed at the hospital level of care.

This service is not covered by any of the health insurance carriers.

For more information and to determine if In-home detox is the right choice for you, please contact us. 

Liver Recovery Products Available Through Proprius Health

Alcohol use disorder may lead to life threatening at times life ending consequences. One of the organs that is most commonly affected is the liver. Unfortunately, despite the amazing advances in modern medicine, end stage disease of the liver can only be definitively addressed with liver transplantation. We have very limited medical therapies that help to address liver recovery.

This led to development of multiple herbal products that are designed to treat alcohol use disorder and liver disease caused by it. These herbal supplements are powerful tools that have been used in Europe and Russia for a very long time. These are simply the best tools we have short of stem-cell therapies and liver transplantation to help with regenerating liver function.

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