What We Treat

We recognize that substance abuse and behavioral addiction can have a profound negative impact on a person’s daily life. It can put a strain on your relationships, performance at work, and in your physical and mental health. But no matter how extreme your addiction is, it is still possible to reach a life of sobriety. Seeking help from medical professionals is one way to do it.

Our group of highly trained experts led by Dr. Andrei Dokukin has a goal of treating your condition and not just managing your pain. In order to deliver the highest standards of care, our programs are individually tailored to your personal needs and requirements

Our caring staff will accompany you on your personal journey to recovery. We provide treatment programs for chronic pain, alcohol and substance addiction, as well as behavioral addictions such as compulsive shopping, dating, and gambling.

By using a combination of medication, therapeutic activities, and closely monitored care, we can assist patients to deal with unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and recover safely. Our approach to treatment is rooted in our mission to cultivate a healthier life and achieve a sustainable restoration.

Chronic Pain

Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders

Behavioral Addictions

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