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Why is Detox Necessary?

Detoxification is an important step a person must take to recover safely from substance abuse. Going through this process can produce a better outcome and will pave the way for a more successful addiction treatment. But you may ask, why is detox necessary?

After a prolonged use of drugs or alcohol, your brain eventually adapts to the repeated influx of chemicals. When you abruptly quit taking them after a long period of use, the body will feel ill and exhibit a range of withdrawal symptoms as it attempts to adjust to the sudden lack of drugs. Feelings of sickness, anger, depression, panic, and other emotions are normal during withdrawal but they are temporary. Once the brain’s chemistry returns to its healthy levels, the sensations you are feeling will subside.

The Process

Medical detoxification is the process of purging drugs or alcohol from the user’s system. It involves relieving and reducing withdrawal symptoms to enable a safe and more comfortable recovery. You should take note, however, that medical detox alone is not effective in treating addiction. You still need to undergo rehabilitation – whether through inpatient or outpatient care – to stay sober and avoid relapse.

Since medical detox takes place in a controlled environment, patients are able to withdraw safely from drugs and alcohol while being monitored and supervised by a professional. They can also recuperate in a quiet, relaxing environment where they can focus on recovery without having to manage other stressful responsibilities.

During detox, patients will receive medications to relieve drug cravings and other withdrawal symptoms. Aside from medication-assisted treatment, patients may also go through counseling and behavioral therapy. Once you’ve finished the detoxification process, you will start learning how to handle negative emotions or stress without taking drugs or alcohol.

Get Started

It is important to recognize the importance of medical detox if you want to live a sober life. To get started, you may call the clinic of Dr. Andrei Dokukin to learn more about the treatment processes we offer. We understand that every individual’s case is different, that’s why we individualize our treatment plans. Begin your journey to recovery today!

Liver Recovery Products Available Through Proprius Health

Alcohol use disorder may lead to life threatening at times life ending consequences. One of the organs that is most commonly affected is the liver. Unfortunately, despite the amazing advances in modern medicine, end stage disease of the liver can only be definitively addressed with liver transplantation. We have very limited medical therapies that help to address liver recovery.

This led to development of multiple herbal products that are designed to treat alcohol use disorder and liver disease caused by it. These herbal supplements are powerful tools that have been used in Europe and Russia for a very long time. These are simply the best tools we have short of stem-cell therapies and liver transplantation to help with regenerating liver function.

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