Alcohol Use Disorder

What is it?

Alcohol use disorder or AUD is a condition characterized by one’s diminished ability to stop or manage alcohol consumption despite its significant health and safety risks. It develops when a person drinks alcohol in large amounts, causing chemical changes in the brain and impairing its normal function. The substance effectively hijacks the brain and weakens the person’s ability to control impulses. Individuals who struggle with AUD find it hard to quit drinking even though they are aware of its serious mental, physical, and financial repercussions.

According to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), about 15 million adults ages 18 and older had struggled with AUD. While this may seem difficult to overcome, the good news is that people with AUD can benefit from an alcohol abuse treatment.

There are numerous treatment programs available to assist individuals in recovering from alcohol addiction. Alcohol rehab and inpatient or outpatient treatment centers provide a healthy environment for recovery, depending on the severity of the addiction. Addictive behaviors that have been built up over the years can be addressed using methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy and medications to control urges.

How Do I Know If I Have an Addiction?

There are different ways to determine whether someone has alcohol use disorder. One tool that you can use is the CAGE questionnaire, which assesses the severity of a drinking problem. Any negative answer to these questions should be a cause for concern and seeking alcohol abuse treatment is recommended in this case. Here are the questions:

  • Have you felt the need to Cut down on your alcohol consumption?
  • Have people Annoyed you by judging your drinking habits?
  • Have you ever felt Guilty that you’re drinking too much?
  • Do you have an “Eye-opener” or a drink first thing in the morning to calm your nerves or get rid of a hangover?

Start Your Recovery Today

Alcohol use disorder is a chronic disease that could worsen if not addressed immediately by an alcohol rehab. If you are struggling to control your excessive drinking habits, we urge you to contact a professional. By undergoing alcohol abuse treatment, you can begin your journey towards a healthy and more fulfilling life.

Liver Recovery Products Available Through Proprius Health

Alcohol use disorder may lead to life threatening at times life ending consequences. One of the organs that is most commonly affected is the liver. Unfortunately, despite the amazing advances in modern medicine, end stage disease of the liver can only be definitively addressed with liver transplantation. We have very limited medical therapies that help to address liver recovery.

This led to development of multiple herbal products that are designed to treat alcohol use disorder and liver disease caused by it. These herbal supplements are powerful tools that have been used in Europe and Russia for a very long time. These are simply the best tools we have short of stem-cell therapies and liver transplantation to help with regenerating liver function.

Take the first steps to recovery

Dr. Andrei Dokukin can help you manage a challenging addiction. Feel free to call us and let’s talk about your needs.