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What if you could achieve true wellness without a medication cocktail?

What we treat

By using a combination of replacement medication, therapeutic activities, and closely monitored care, we can assist patients to deal with unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and recover safely.

Chemical Dependency

Chronic Pain

Behavioral Addictions

Home Detoxification


Dr. Andrei N. Dokukin, MD

Dr. Dokukin established his practice to help people recovery from chemical dependency as a direct response to both his professional and personal experience. He has been trained to prescribe medication frivolously, and after a year of working this way, he walked away with the realization that he had done more harm than good. As a chronic pain survivor, he knew medication was not the only option. His experiences impassioned him to help victims of over-prescribers recover and lead fulfilling lives.



Let us help you with your recovery needs

Our programs are individually tailored to your personal needs and requirements, whether you are looking for home detoxification services, polypharmacy consultations, or skilled nursing facility consultations, we have you covered


Dr. Dokukin is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about helping people dealing with chronic pain and addiction. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a physician with a broad understanding of medicine. He’s the best!

Noah Warren

There are physicians who are helpful for us patients with chronic pain issues. Dr. Dokukin is, However, more than eager, capable of addressing somewhat complex presenting pain issues. I have every confidence in his abilities, and would recommend Dr. Dokukin to my friends.

Angel Wilson


We provide addiction and chronic pain services in Long Beach, California

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